“Looking unto JESUS the author and finisher of our faith” 

Heb 12: 2


Early in her life their mother Lorraine was a choir director, member of the Niagara choral club, soloist and later study opera that influenced her daughters greatly.  Lori cam along, started to sing, also later to study at the Toronto Conservatory of Music and opera.  At University of Buffalo.  Accepting Jesus into her heart at an early age, she sang in a Trio with mom, Lorraine and Cousin Karen Jacobs Enole.

Lori went on to sing in various choirs, a soloist and continue to sing throughout her life.  In 2005  LJT took a leap of faith and started traveling full time again.  With great response from fans, churches and industry people doors have continued to open for this ministry.  You will be blessed when you hear the family harmony of LJT in Concert.  There Love for Jesus and the people of this world will just energize you to live a better life for our Lord and Savior.  When you hear their music you will know the hearts of the Jonathan Sister known as Lori Jonathan Trio or LJT.

We are thankful to Jesus.  Without Him in our lives, we are nothing.  Hebrews 12:2, is a verse so close to our hearts… “Looking unto JESUS the author and finisher of our faith”.  Keep your eyes on the Lord and in His word, this is our daily strength, not in people or possessions, in Jesus.  We are thankful to Lord Jesus for every Mountain, Valley and Victory Won.

2012 LJT released a new CD project with Godsey & Associates : Singing His Praises"  then the following year they released a new Christmas CD " Niagara Christmas"

We have enjoyed working with Scott Godsey and Bev McCann over the past several years, we are looking forward to many more years and projects to come.

You can find us on  FB  at Lori Jonathan Trio ,  YouTube pages... you can find us at Bev McCann and Friends YouTube page and Godsey and Associates page
We look forward to seeing you at our next concert. 

-Lori, Vicki and Crystal LJT

For booking information contact Bev at 615.299.6659 or click here to email.