Lori started singing at the age of 5 with Cousin Karen Jacobs Enloe and Mother, Lorraine.

Lori Mostly trained under our mother Lorraine.  Lori accepted Jesus into her heart at a young age and has always loved to sing. 

The Jonathan Family sang in churches and various events around the New York area.  The group at that time consisted of our Mother Lorraine, on piano, Lori, Crystal and Vickie.  Our brother Tom, sang and played bass guitar and our Dad was the preacher.   Later on Lori started singing and traveling as a soloist when the family wasn’t scheduled.  This led to her first recorded album at 14 yrs. old, “Love, Hope, Peace, and second album at 16 yrs. old, "All My Life."

Lori study briefly at the Toronto Conservatory of music and at the University of Buffalo.  While at the University of Buffalo Lori studied Opera.  Later, she graduated with a BA in Nursing.  Lori was active in Youth for Christ, USA and Canada. 

Lori and her husband Tom, have three beautiful daughters who are married and have given Lori and her husband 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Today Lori is now retired from nursing and traveling full time again with her two sisters sharing with everyone they come in contact with the love and saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through song and testimony. In our concerts, our desire is to share and encourage Christians to "Focus on Jesus, Live for Jesus, not on people." 

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